About ME


Welcome to my website. I started photography in 2013, and since then I have been enjoying it so much that my collection of photos has grown quite large. In that time I have also been very fortunate to have won a few photo contests and had photos and articles published in travel websites and publications, outdoor magazines, paddling related manuals, brochures and calendars. The highlights though have to be, to be included in Canadian Geographic’s 2019 Wicked Weather calendar, Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos Vol 2 book and 2019 Ultimate Animals book. I have always loved to read Canadian Geographic magazine and to have my photos published by them is very special to me.

Many of my favorite photos can be found here on this site. If you’ve taken the time to browse though them you may have noticed a theme of nature, wilderness, landscapes, weather, sunrises and sunsets, the stars and moon, wildlife, paddling and more often than not, water. There’s nothing I enjoy more than to be out in the wilderness, experiencing the wonders of nature, while being next to or on the water. My love for the outdoors and water began in my childhood where my fondest memories are of time spent with family and friends fishing and camping in the wilderness of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

Over the years I have experienced many interesting and wonderful things while out in nature and only wish I had taken up photography sooner and had captured them before they were distant memories. This is one of the things that initially attracted me to photography, to capture the things that I love to help me remember them. Unfortunately things now are not how they used to be and I see changes every year that goes by, and not for the better. I hope by sharing these photos others will enjoy them and be inspired by them to help protect nature so that we all can enjoy what’s left of the wild places and the wildlife that inhabit them.